Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Joyce's Knitting Meme

So, a bunch of knitting mamas have a board called Mothers of Purl where we can all gather and post pictures of our work and talk yarn and fiber. It is basically a place for us to come when our husbands have finally had enough of listening to us blather on about all things wool. One of the mamas over there tagged us all and gave us a list of questions we have to answer. Yes, these are the kinds of things that we knitters do. We need to know how other knitters feel about knitting. And here goes:

#1 Is it about the finished item or about the process of knitting? Some of both? Has your focus changed one direction or the other over time?

I am what you call a "progress knitter" as opposed to a "process knitter". I can get excited about trying a new technique, like the beading or the magical Bond I have been futzing around with, but for the most part I just like that I can take 2 sticks and a string and making something that someone can wear. That is just beyond cool to me. But not cool enough that I am going to start any XL mens' sweaters any time soon.

#2 How do you view mistakes? Do you think they give your project character? Is it important to have one, as my Aunt says, because only God is perfect? Or would you rip all the way back to row 5 of your husband's finished sweater knit on size 3 needles to eradicate a mistake no one else would notice?

Well, first of all, there is no way in Hades that I would ever in a million bajillion years knit my husband anything. Especially on size 3 needles. Are you mad, woman? I wouldn't make a mistake on purpose out of humility, but that usually isn't an issue anyway. I have been known to obsess about a loose stitch or a weird increase, but if no one else would notice I'll usually let it go as long as it doesn't compromise the integrity of the item. I would never leave a mistake because I thought it gave something character unless I was knitting for myself, which I never do. I have no problem wearing things with character, but knitting takes so long and is such a labor of love that I want it to be as perfect as possible for someone else.

#3 Would you rather knit a project that is comfortable for your skill level, or do you prefer a challenge that requires you to figure out new things?

I don't have time to figure out new things! No, but really, most of the knitting I do these days is for work. If I can find a new thing to work on that fits in with the overall scheme of what I sell (like the beading, or that fix it job I did with that waistband a while back), I'll go for it. Or if a customer asks me to do something different I'm usually willing to give it a try. Unless it's ruffles. I am just not a ruffle girl. Sorry, guys.

#4 What is something you really want to make but haven't yet? What holds you back? Is it money, skill level, time, fear of the unknown or something else?

One day I would really love to knit myself this gorgeous Noro sweater I saw in my local yarn store. They have it as a sample for their Noro stash and it is literally lying on the floor next to the yarn shelf. It kills me. It is a sweater that should be worn every single day, not thrown on the floor. Last time I was in there I was fondling it so much that the owner asked me if I wanted to try it on, but alas, it was a size small and I am not. Ooh, I found a picture:

This particular one was knit with Noro Silk Garden, which is so gorgeous and much less scratchy than the Kureyon, methinks. What holds me back? Mostly time, a little bit money. It would be a $90+ sweater. I am also afraid that I would spend all that time and money knitting it and it would make me look like a complete frump. They really need some knit garment models who aren't so...willowy. I'm not even plus sized, but I just know that sweaters can make someone who weighs more than 100lbs. look really lumpy if they aren't sized and shaped pretty perfectly. And it is hard to see how you're doing with the fit until the end when you try it on and look in the mirror. That intimidates me.

And that is that.

Hey Liz and Kirstin- tag, you're it.

I am just getting ready to start the seed stitch on Mary Anne's second monster princess leg. Then all that's left is finishing and lettering. I took some liberties with color since she wanted to be surprised. I will be crossing my fingers that she approves.

I tracked my Russian via Maine package and it is sitting in CT right now. I waaaaaant it!


anniebel said...

CT huh? Don't you wish you lived here now? Huh? I could pick it up for you!!! And hold it in my pretty little hands until you come visit me! Sooooo tempting! what town did you say it was in? I could be on my way lickyityspit!

elliebelly said...

that sweater is so absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! now you have me wanting to make it. badly. does it have a name? i have some karabella yarn i've been looking for a pattern for, and it just might work....

liz said...

thanks for the tag, amy!
i'll post mine soon - right after i download and post the 500 pictures from our camping/zoo trip. and right after i eek out a little bit of energy to do anything at all.
it's coming, i can feel it...