Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Hang/ Care Tags

Okay, so this is probably the least exciting thing ever to you guys, but I am super excited about the new hang/care tags I got in the mail today.

They are so fancy that they came Royal Mail. Well la-dee-da.

The cute little plastic box they came in (made with recycled and recyclable material, as are the actual cards inside):

The fronts of the cards. Look how young Henry is! Those are the very first pair of Crankypants shorties ever made:

The back of the cards with the care instructions on them. So cool.

So, no package from Russia via Maine today, but I'm still waiting...


jesseca said...

Oooo those came out super cute Amy!! Yay - I know how much you were anticipating their arrival - and earlier than expected, no??

amy. said...

Thanks Jess, I am really happy with them. These ones came just about on time. The ones I am waiting, waiting, waiting for are the soap ingredient ones. I placed both orders at the same time, so hopefully they other batch will be here soon. Now I need to go get one of those handy dandy star punches that you have ;)