Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Official...

I'm on VACATION! From my work out of the house job, anyway. WooHoo!

And boy is it ever Summer weather out there. Henry and I were actually out in the front yard doing a rain dance yesterday. The humidity is so oppressive right now and I am finding myself feeling actual empathy for my tomato plant as it shrivels in the sun waiting for even just a dribble of rain. Poor thing. I thought for sure we were going to get a storm today and was beyond excited to see the little blue weather warning ticker at the bottom of my tv screen during Henry's nap. I forgot it was a South Carolina station and the storm doesn't seem to be heading north to us. Pth.

We took advantage of the in laws being in town this weekend and went to see Knocked Up on Saturday night. We are both huge fans of Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared so it didn't shock me that we loved it to death. It was so funny and awesome. Unfortunately, we had a cryptic exchange while going in that made me think the ticket girl might have thought I was pregnant. Liz, Jess- you'd tell me if I looked pregnant, right???? Jeez! I know I haven't been sleeping well and I wasn't wearing the most flattering top, but pregnant? Kyle kept insisting that she was just being weirdly chatty, but I suspect that is just because he knows better. It just fits right in with my week. First I wrapped a 3 year old's birthday present in the obituaries, then I got my butt stuck to a railroad tie that was secreting the stickiest sap ever in life (a whole other humiliating story) and now a 90 lb. 16 year old ticket taker gives me that gem of an ego boost.

We went to a wonderful birthday party on Sunday for Mr. Luke, who just turned 1. It was a great time.

The birthday boy in flight:

Henry needs a haircut:

In Crankypants news, I am finally sinking my teeth into the June list. I have finished Mary Anne's first pair on girly monsters and am past the beading on girly monster part deux (for the custom slot she won in the Crankypants auction). I will post a picture of the monster sisters when they are both done, hopefully soon. I also just got her package of CUTE undies from Sonya, so she'll be having quite the fluffy day coming up. Yay Mary Anne! Next up will be another twofer, as Lindy has her poor dear husband chained to the computer doing her bidding and they both scored slots this month!

In super duper exciting Crankypants news, I got an email this morning from Peter, the owner of Peace Fleece. The group of Russian knitters I am hoping to form a partnership with sent him longies samples and they are now en route from Maine to me! I am so excited and will be over the moon if they look like they are going to work. Crankypants for everyone! I am going to be literally waiting by the front door looking for my mail carrier on a daily basis until I have them in my hot little hands.

This is going to be another busy week. Kyle will be teaching summer school this week, so it will just be the wee beastie and me. When all of the teachers were cleaning out their classrooms last week I scored a huge Rubbermaid container of school supplies for a friend who works with a non-profit school in Belize and about fifteen unopened containers of baby wipes (they are on the school supply list and no one ever uses them all). I have to figure out how to get all of this stuff to Belize without it costing me a million dollars and find a local shelter that will take the wipes and drop them off. I fear that next year I am going to be known as "that girl who will take and find a home for anything you want to get rid of". I also have to get Henry together with some of his friends before he completely loses it. He made it perfectly clear that he was bored out of his mind all day today, with just me to entertain him. Little darling.


Anonymous said...

OMG henry has the best hair ever! Love it!


Keitha said...

You take awesome pictures.

liz said...

you do not look pregnant. trust me. a 16-year-old ticket girl? she probably has no idea what she is talking about - to her, 25 is old and size 10 is huge.

and hey - the russian package is coming - that's great!!
i want to see it right away - and bring henry so the kids can play!!