Friday, June 08, 2007

Dancin' Aiden's Fishy Longies & UNDIES!!!

I finally finished Aiden's goldishy longies. They were knit using organic BFL wool hand dyed by Aiden's mama, Kelly. She has completely spoiled me and I am going to be depressed going back to my plain ole merino now. I wish I had better sunlight so you could really see how vibrant the blue varigation is. It is gorgeous.



Leg 1:

Leg 2:

Folded kind of oddly so you can see both legs together:

I also have another awesome new product line to show off! For months and months I have been getting requests for shorts and longies for older siblings who have seen their baby sibs Crankypants and wanted some of their own. I have also received frantic emails from mamas whose babes are potty learning and can't justify spending that much money on hand knit pants when they are no longer diapering. I thought and thought about how to solve these problems and then I remembered the super cool undies that Sonya from Sublime Threads made for Henry when he was figuring out the whole potty thang. I emailed her and together we designed a line of kick booty boxer briefs for Crankypants. They are much more affordable than longies or shorties and they are available in sizes for older sibs who want to get in on the Crankypants action.

We have:

Piles O' Monsters:

Let's Go Bowling:

Stripy stripes:

Robot Invasion:

Ooga Booga:

Like I could resist putting stripes in everything. They all come in size 2/3 (which Henry still wears) and 4/5.

I planned on just offering these and the soaps and things on the new site when it goes up, but if anyone is interested in purchasing something from either line before then, leave a comment or send me an email at and I'll get back to you right away.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those are oldest is potty learning... so this might be great for him..
I cant afford knitted crankypants..
I bet I can afford these..
When are they coming out..

Anonymous said...

OOOO...I want several pair! My oldest will be 3 in 4 months, and we really need to get on the ball with training!!


Andrea said...

Oh how stinkin' cute those boxer briefs are! I haven't tried for a spot for knitted Crankypants (yet!) since I'm pretty new to cloth diapering. But suddenly my 2.5 y/o is getting into potty training since I began CD'ing him. (At least I still have my 5 month old to CD and try for Crankypants someday!) So yah, I'd love to get some undies for my big boy to help with incentive.

andrea.isabell @

Taryn said...

I am DROOLING over the goldfish longies! Also, I e-mailed you about the briefs.



joyce said...

your knitting is absolutely beautiful! i just love it.

but, no fair on the sizing on the new unders! ollie is a 3/4. let me know if you want some measurements so you can start working out the pattern in that size!

Keitha said...

Those longies are awesome! Too bad ds1 isn't late enough in the pting stage for undies.