Thursday, June 07, 2007

One More Day...

And then I am officially on Summer Vacation!!! I. can't. wait. When Henry was in school I had no problem going to work and knowing he was there playing and having a great time. Now that he is home I have been finding it very difficult to leave him in the morning. I just want to hang out with him. He is so funny lately.

I forgot to post pictures of the birthday party we went to this weekend. Here's Henry in his party hat:

Adella and the watermelon:

The birthday boy!

I made a serious birthday party faux pas this time around. I wrapped Mr. McKai's present in newspaper (remember the recycling thing I told you about?) and didn't realize until after we were on our way to the party that I had used......wait for it..... the obituaries. For a 3 year old birthday present. Oops.

I also just got this amazingly adorable picture from Mandy, who agreed to let me share it with you:

I am almost done with Dancin' Aiden's goldfish longies and they are pretty dern cute. I just need to put on some finishing touches and some sunshine to take a picture and I'll post it tomorrow.

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