Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mary Anne's Monster Sisters

Last night our rain dance paid off! It actually hailed, big blueberry sized hail for a while and then we got a nice big downpour. It made my pepper plant very happy.

Today we woke up and lounged around in our pjs for a while. Henry got a towel to wipe all the rain off his bike and went for a little ride.

The we decided to call our friend Liz to see what she and Adella were up to for the day. Liz reminded me that Billy Jonas was playing a free show to launch the summer reading program at the library. We chatted for a while and then I called Nancy to see if she and Garrett wanted to join us for the 11:30 show. I got a hold of them at 9:22 and Nancy said they were already in the car, on their way to the 10am show. Yikes! Henry LOVES Billy Jonas and hadn't seen Garrett in a long time so I told her we'd meet her there. I went into super mama mode, got dressed, got Henry dressed, got directions, got in the car and sped over there. We even made it there before they did and got an awesome seat on the grass right in front with our friends Melissa and McKai (fellow Billy Jonas addicts). Garrett and Henry were ecstatic to see each other and ran around like crazy people until the show started.

After the show we all met up at The Mellow Mushroom for some pizza and company. Henry konked out on the way home.

It wasn't very sunny, but I got some pictures of Mary Anne's Monster Sisters:

This is the more outgoing and mischievous monster sister. She is actually quite the troublemaker. Her brightly colored wink says "C'mon, let's play a little game. We wake up and cry for mom, pretend to fall back to sleep just long enough for mom to put her head down on the pillow, then cry again. It'll be funny!".

And this is our darling little monster princess. Note the soft colors and sparkling little beaded tiara, which let us know that she would never cause trouble like her sister. I couldn't get the tiara sparkle with absolutely no sunlight, but it is adorable. It was knit with tiny silver and rose colored glass Japanese beads. I am hoping that Mary Anne can get a better picture for us after she gets them. My husband actually freaked me out about the lettering when he said "Why does it say "PINES" on the side of those pants?". Then he remembered he is colorblind, so to him the rose and green are the same color and he couldn't see the R, C or second S. Oops.

It is thundering again. Could it be? Two days of rain in a row?

My package from Russia via Maine has been sitting in Greensborough, NC all day, according to UPS tracking. Pth.

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Dana said...

Absolutely love the princess monster. I was looking for something similar if I managed to snag a spot and they are just gorgeous!