Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday World Tour.

Well, it is that time of year again! All of my presents have been made and tucked away (I'll post pictures of those later but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for any of my family blog readers, you know) in the back of the little Rabbit and we have started out on the annual Holiday World Tour. We're doing things a little differently this year ad tacking a little side vacation onto the front of our journey. Hooray!

Sunday morning we packed the trusty little Rabbit to the top once more and headed north, bound for Brooklyn. After an uneventful drive, a stay in a sleepy motel somewhere in PA and and a cup of morning coffee, we hit the NYC. Holy wowza was that an immediate change of pace! I must admit that my slow and lazy Asheville nerves had a hard time with the traffic and assault on the senses. I white knuckled it into Park Slope where I repeated for the 17th time that we would never find parking. By some miracle I spotted an empty space and, after Kyle did a crazy u-turn in the middle of 5th avenue ("You can't do that!" "Um, I think I just did") we slid into a teeny space tailor made for the little Rabbit. Kyle got out to feed the meter and I heard a knock on my window. "Look up", he said. The one empty parking space in Park Slope that we had shoe horned the Rabbit into sat directly in front of Dave Eggars' Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.- the ONE PLACE I couldn't miss while we were in the city! Never mind that we spent too much time in there and got our first NYC parking ticket, the place was awesome. The woman working the shop was great. She let Kyle try on a cape in the wind tunnel and get de-villainized, and she even let us back through the secret passageway into the tutoring room where we talked with a couple of the tutors (it was during school hours so there weren't any kids to distract) and poked around in the space for a while. If you want to read more about what Dave Eggars (and countless volunteers) is doing there and see the absolutely amazing TED Talk he gave about his wish for private citizens to partner with public schools, go here. Seriously, go. I'll wait.

After feeding the meter again (oops) we headed over to get a gigantic lunch at The Chip Shop and warm up with some coffee at Brooklyn Bread. I found the local yarn store in about 10 minutes flat and replaced the 2nd set of size 8 16" Addi Turbos that I've snapped THIS MONTH with some bamboo ones. I've never loved bamboo (it isn't slick enough for me) but I thought it would be cool to have a pair of needles from the city and I should probably give them another try anyway. We wondered around a bit more but it was so cold that Henry and I were anxious to get to our final destination of the day, my friend Heather's house in Flat Bush that she and her fam had so graciously offered to let us crash at. We made our way around Prospect Park and found her place, where we flopped down on her couch and didn't move again for about 4 hours. We hung out with her two little adorables and caught up over a couple of Brooklyn Lagers.

Henry finally went to bed at around 9:30 and he is STILL sleeping as I type this out. At 8:30am. I think that might be a record. When he wakes up we are going to hop on the train and head on over to the Natural History Museum for the day. I am looking forward to seeing Henry see the giant dinosaurs and the planetarium, and being inside all day.

And off we go...

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Stephanie said...

That sounds LOVELY! I LOVE NYC but have only ever been once. I dream of someday taking my little boy up there! It's definitely not someplace I'd want to live, but is oh so much fun!

Happy Holidays!