Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday World Tour. Day 2.

*yawn* Wow. That was a full day.

First off, I should show you the bad pictures I took with my phone yesterday.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Kyle trying out one of their capes on the awesome wind platform. Unfortunately, it also blew up his shirt so he looks like a more out of shape superhero than he actually is...

A small container of Black Hole. This product highly disturbed my little literalist, who encouraged me rather enthusiastically to "please put that down now".

Okay, now on to today! Our day started out in a less than stellar way when we all got frustrated before we even hit the subway and settled for a generic Dunkin Donuts bagel for breakfast. I know. In the middle of NYC we got a Dunkin Donuts bagel. I said we were frustrated! Tomorrow will be different. Anyway. We put that behind us and rode the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan to get our tourist on. Our first stop was The Museum of Natural History. We got our fill of arthropods, mammals, mollusks, amethysts, rubies and malachite, meteors, giant Japanese spider crabs and wooly mammoths. By the time we hit the dinosaur floor Henry was well done. Not even the super nice guide who gave us a list of all the characters from Night at the Museum could save us. Kyle posed in front of T Rex for me, though!

From there we dragged the beast through a corner of Central Park and over to Rockefeller Center. We actually popped out of the subway right at 30 Rock, which was cool. I kept my eyes peeled for Kenneth, but didn't spot him. We walked through the galleria, peeked out at the skaters and then hit the big LEGO store on the corner.

It reminded me of my brother, who worked for LEGO for years designing huge LEGO sculptures like that sea monster up there. The giant LEGO wall was pretty awesome, too.

Next stop was the M&M store to fill up a (tiny) bag from the crazy M&M walls and to marvel at the sheer volume of M&M merchandise. Who knew that people took M&Ms so seriously? After that we grabbed a cup of coffee and a snack for the bean and headed back out to Times Square and the Nintendo World Store, which was killer. Henry and Kyle played DS and Wii for a bit and recharged while I looked at WAY too much cute, old school Mario gear. Miraculously, we didn't buy anything. *gasp*

From there we walked on down to a little hole in the wall ramen place and ate the biggest, warmest, awesomest bowls of miso ramen ever. I don't know if there is anything better to defrost and destress after a long cold day than miso. Yum. Mers. On the way back to the subway to head back to Brooklyn we passed Rockefeller Square again and convinced Henry to let me snap a quick picture with the giant tree!

Yeah. I should have dragged the camera along, but I didn't want t deal with it so all we have are bad iPhone pictures. Ah well. I have a good memory...

Tomorrow we are going to hit the East Village and see what we can see. Methinks it is going to be an early night!

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