Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday World Tour. Day 3.

As I write this last NYC installment, I am actually sitting in my folks' living room in CT. Surrounded by lots of open space. Relaxed. And realizing that I am absolutely not cut out for the city life.

Yesterday morning we got up and took the train down to Union Station. We got out and had breakfast at this awesome deli called D&S Market Place. It was the perfect place for a quick, cheap bite to start the day and we finally got our NYC bagel fix. After that we wandered through Union Square's holiday craft fair and farmers' market, which was pretty cool. My favorite was the local honey that was harvested from the rooftop gardens of the city. Genius and tasty- two great tastes that taste great together. We found FAO Schwartz but Henry was too embarrassed to go on the giant piano. At least he let me take his picture with giant LEGO Chewbacca!

Around noon we met an old college friend for lunch at a place I can't remember the name of. It was a "fusion" of about 7 different Asian countries and there was bento involved. I ordered the salmon bento because salmon is Henry's favorite and he doesn't get to have it very often. As soon as it arrived at our table in all of its cute bento-y glory, Henry declared that he no longer liked salmon. Of course. It was great to catch up with an old friend and even made a connection with him back to a friend in Asheville.

After lunch we wandered around n the village for a while and decided over a cup of coffee that we had hit the wall and were ready to get out of the city. We raced home, packed in a frenzy (I think I left my new knitting needle behind, oops) and hopped in the car to try to make it out of the city before rush hour but... didn't quite make it. Nothing like de-stressing from a few busy days in the city by sitting in NYC rush hour traffic for a million years, right?

Phase One of the Holiday Word Tour down!

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The Triond Experiment said...

I wish me and my son can go out on a trip like this! Its a good father-son bonding moment! Maybe next year when we visit our cousins. Have fun!

-The Triond Experiment