Thursday, December 02, 2010

December? REALLY?!?

Wow. Time has just been whizzing by me on both sides lately! After our whirlwind Thanksgiving traveling and whatnot I am still trying to get a handle on things.

THIS Sunday is The Big Crafty!!! If you are in Asheville definitely stop by and check it out. It is a crazy craft extravaganza of awesomeness!

In prep for the big show, a few of us were asked to do demo spots on our local news "Craft Corner". I had trouble thinking of something I could make in less than 3 minutes, but I finally settled on felt finger puppets. It aired a while back but I forgot about putting it up until now. If you want to see me look like a big ole dorkopotomous on TV, click here.

I have also been working on a few new tidbits for the show and came up with a customizable ornament design that I really love.

I'll be putting them up on Etsy after the craziness of TBC is over, but if you want one in the meantime just shoot me an email. That one up there is going to be for my nephew. Shhhhh.... don't tell him.

Because of all of the holiday madness happening (and the fact that I have sworn to make at least 75% of my gifts this year) I am only doing 2 custom auctions this month. One is live right now and the other will from from 10-10EST tomorrow. Clicky Clicky.

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