Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Inside Joke.

I am surprised by how completely and utterly tickled I am that Henry and I have our own little inside joke. It is short and simple and truly reflects out geeky nature.

Henry: I drew on the car in the wet. [referring to the dew on the windshield in the morning] I wrote H + A = love. Like Henry is H and Amy is A. And we equal love.

Me: I saw that! Awwwww....

Henry: If you saw me write it, why did it take you so long to say "awwwwwww". Why didn't you say it right away.

Me: Well, when I saw you writing it I thought you were going to write "H + A = HA!"

Henry: [laughs hysterically for about 700 hours] And next time I'm going to write "A + H = AH!" [laughs for another 700 hours]

Now I have to make him a heart shaped pillow with "H + A = HA" on it for Christmas.

I love having a kid who thinks language is fun. I love having a kid whose favorite shows are Wheel of Fortune. I love having a kid that thought the best part of Bunnicula was when Chester the cat tried to stab Bunnicula with a 'steak' instead of a 'stake' and yells "HOMOPHONE" every time here hears one. I love having a kid that will try out big words and awkward phrases over and over until he figures out how they work. Love, indeed.

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liz said...

ah ha!