Friday, November 06, 2009

Aw, Man!

I already messed up my NaBloPoMo! I meant to post as soon as I opened up my mail yesterday and then promptly forgot.

I wanted to post about how awesome Mabel's Labels is! I met their rep at the Type A Mom Conference, filled out a little sample form and then forgot all about it. I got a sweet little package yesterday filled with Mabel-y goodness! There were 3 different sized labels with Henry's name on them along with 2 personalized dog tag style name tags for his backpack and... something else.

These are perfect for us because there is another Henry (Hank) in Henry's class and they get each others' stuff all the time. I can't wait to take them for a test drive!

I will try to post again later in the day to make up for yesterday's slack. It shouldn't be hard to find something to write about. This morning we are meeting with a higher up in the Home Depot chain to look at the space we want to expand the playground into and "see what they can do to help". After that I am putting together a playground forum so we can get this thing BUILT! It's pajama day at school and Henry is rocking his flannel Crankypants Sea Monkey lounge set. And... my folks are coming into town!!! WaHooooooooo!

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Susannah said...

Amy, thanks for the link to Mabel's Labels- that solved our cloths tagging delimma with his school cloths- thank you! Hope all is well, miss our knitting time. :) Susannah