Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Yesterday when I was out trying to get some photos of a pair of longies I am stocking with Venus Vanguard on Thursday (more on that later) Henry decided that it would be fun to come out and stick his hand and/or foot in front of the camera each time I clicked the button. Finally I just gave him a shove in front of the camera and told him to dance or something if he was so anxious to have his picture taken.

Now the pictures I meant to take:

These medium sized organic "Berries and Chocolate" Monster Booty longies are stocking at the Venus Vanguard's Munchies themed stocking this Thursday night at 8EST along with a bunch of other delicious goodies!


robin said...

Looks like your cute Henry has a lot of personality!

Kookababy said...

I was going to comment earlier but forgot. Anyway, good luck on posting everyday. It's hard, or at least posting every other day was for me.

have fun!!!!

anniebel said...

I think I like this posting everyday!!! Gives me something to look forward to at the end of the long long work day!!! Love the color of the longies! Love Love the pictures of Henry! Can't wait to see you guys!! Cool kid!