Monday, January 05, 2009

*sniff sniff*

The house is so empty! Henry and Kyle went back to school today and it is back to the daily grind. Usually by the end of a long break I am ready for them to go, but we had so much fun this break that I'm missing them! Henry was so cute this morning blowing me kisses when I dropped him off that I wanted to run over and grab him and tell him he could take the day off so we could gt back into our pjs and play LEGO and watch movies all day. *sigh*

In very exciting to me and very dull to you news, we bought a new couch yesterday! Our current couch is a half futon/half torture device sort of dealio that I picked out in desperation after weeks and weeks of looking and not finding anything in our price range. It is a horrid combination of a frame that tips over if you sit anywhere but the mathematical center of the thing, 4 unwieldy back pillows that are in constant need of rearranging and a robin's egg blue that is... no longer robin's egg blue. The new couch is 'cashew' colored microsuede and is very sturdy and comfy. Now I am anxious to finish the log cabin I started to accessorize! I'm lucky if I add an inch a month so it'll probably be a while, but still. Exciting.

I'll have a picture of the first custom Crankys of 2009 later, but for now I ahve to go about the business of taking down the Christmas tree and packing up all the holiday gear before Henry gets home from school. I'm hoping it will be less painful that way. We're going to miss the tree! I hope everyone had a great break!


Linsay C. said...

Oh such a tease! I got my "your purchase has been sent" and thought for sure I could get a sneak peek....

Jessie said...

I was so sad to have hubs go back to work yesterday too, Christmas break went to fast this year. I am working on the tree today since it is rainy today :) Glad to hear that you guys had a nice time over the holidays.