Monday, December 01, 2008

Peru Snafu Redeux

Alright guys. I just spoke with Peru.

The box is still stuck in Lima. I am at a complete loss. My contact said they are doing everything humanly possible to get it here, but they cannot find space on the flights they usually use (I'm assuming because of the holidays). They said there are a few more things they are looking at and they may be able to get a reservation on a flight December 17. He sounded quite desperate, and I believe that he is doing everything he can.

I'm feeling a bit broken by this right now and can only continue to offer deposit refunds for those that want them. I am so very sorry. I wish there was something more I could do.

I do have a stocked Etsy store and am opening a new Hyena Cart today. If anyone would like to convert their deposit into store credit at either place, please let me know. I also do have a few extra size 18-24 Monster Booty longies here. If you are in EITHER pre-order whose deposits I have taken for a different size/design and would like to switch to one of these pairs, I can get them out today (until they run out).

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Monica said...

Hugs Amy...I'm sorry this has been such a difficult shipment. I admire how well you keep everyone in the loop-this too shall pass, right?