Monday, December 01, 2008

Oh No Not I...I Will Survive!

There are 54 shoppers in my old, empty Hyena Cart right now and I have a fully stocked new cart just waiting to be activated. Gah! It seems today is trying it's hardest to kick my butt, but oh no! Me and my peanut butter filled, chocolate covered pretzels (Henry and I made them yesterday) are determined to stay jolly!

My lone little custom for this month is Christy Lynn H. Congrats mama!

And just in case any of you are out there having a day like I am:

Take one bag of Snyder's waffle snap pretzels.

Empty about 1/3 contents of bag on cookie sheet.

Spread each pretzel with peanut butter.

Melt 1 bag chocolate chips.

Dip each PB-ed pretzel into chocolate.

Leave plain or decorate with sprinkles.

Stick in freezer 30 minutes.


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Christia said...

Uhm, right now I sort of wish my kids weren't napping...I'd be going to the store to get some supplies for these! YUMS.