Thursday, July 17, 2008

Picture Pages.

Some folks (okay, just my mom) have been asking for pictures of the new house, but we don't have a lens wide enough to really get good shots, so I thought I'd at least get a few details for you.

These are the new cafe curtains I made for my office. The bottom panel is "Knit Pirate" by Michael Miller. So. Cool. I think you have to click on it to enlarge it enough to see the print.

I ahabeen trying to figure out what these red flowers are lining our driveway. They attract hummingbirds, which has been amazing.

The front porch:

Relaxation at it's southern finest:

Today Henry's friend Hana came over and they have been having a blast. Kyle took them hiking and then they came home and ran through the sprinkler.

All the fuzzy little bunnies in the world can't out-cute those two.

I also finished Jess's Rainbow Monsters.

I know I have a few local readers, so I also wanted to mention that I just joined up to be a contributing blogger over at Blog Asheville. If you want to read about my take on the haps in Asheville now and again, pop over and check it out or add it to your bloglines/feedburner/etc.


Parke said...

Looks sorta like lobelia to me. (Cardinal flower). Just a guess.

Joshua said...


Scarlet said...

Crocosmia. I have some in my yard.

physlet said...

I don't know about the flowers, but your new house is great! I love the cottage appeal. And Henry and Hana are absolutely adorable together!