Thursday, July 17, 2008

And the Winner is...

I know I'm 2 days late on announcing the winner of the "Entertain JP" contest. Oops.

The winner wrote:

"As a mommy that's been on bedrest a couple of times I have some experience with this. Taking a clue from JP's past and interests I had a few thoughts...

1. Buy him a nose flute and have him start practicing for a duet w/ Henry and his slide whistle. Perhaps a rousing rendition of "Send in the Clowns?" :)

2. Put together a circus movie night extravaganza for him w/ some of the best circus movies of all time (The Marx Brothers at the Circus, Trapeze, The Great Wallendas, The Greatest Show on Earth and Circus World). Don't forget the peanuts, popcorn, soda and of course CIRCUS peanuts!

3. Perhaps JP can use this time to come up w/ a new circus act that can be performed from bed??? Finger unicycling?? Maybe a magic trick or two? This is where his creativity and smarty-pantsness comes in handy as I have no idea what this would be. :) On a more serious note bring him a journal - this could be a time of reflection. No doubt he could turn this into a valuable lesson to be shared w/ the kids he connects with. I know I had some important think time and re-prioritizing on my bedrest. OR, how about a polaroid? Are those still around? A photo/day. Tell his story through pictures? I like this idea.
He can only take 1 photo/day so he has to be strategic about it.

Bonus idea for Meryl: Have her contact a bunch of the groups of kids and other friends/family and organize a mass mailing of cards, letters, art to be delivered to him all at once or a few/day throughout his recovery. Sure to be an encouragement as he moves through his recovery.

Hope you like the ideas - get well soon JP!!!


I couldn't pass up the mental picture of JP finger unicycling. And I'm one of approximately 3 people on the planet who love circus peanuts, so there you go. Congrats, I'll email you soon.

In good news, I've heard tell that JP is home and finally able to at least open his laptop again. Next stop- trapeeze!

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