Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Note From Meryl

About the "Entertain JP" contest:

"Wow. You are all amazing.

JP & I read every one of your offerings and could not have ever chosen just one of them. If ever, anywhere, anybody needs to stay busy for a while, I will surely send them to the blog.

Believe it or not, JP has already read Rotary-Wing Aerodynamics (yes he can be quite the geek) and he is very adept at origami. He likes to fold miniature cranes out of gum wrappers and leave them in odd places, like the tube at the bank drive-thru (very Bladerunner). And we got a kick out of the straw-tensegrity – JP actually met Buckminster Fuller when he was a very wee beastie (Bucky was a friend of JP’s dad). All in all, a fine group of entries.

The truth is, JP is the perfect patient: He rests quietly 18 hours a day, does what he is told and doesn’t whine. (oh, heck, that makes him the perfect man) I have been keeping myself amused doing little evil deeds, like ripping open the gift baskets to get to the chocolate before JP has a chance to see them all prettified.

Thank you all for making his recovery a little bit fun!!


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