Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This weekend was one of the most tiring weekend I think I've ever had. We spent 3 days moving in weather that shifted from 98 degrees and sun to sudden downpour and back again every day. It kept us on our toes, that's for sure! We got so much done that I'm a little amazed. Almost everything is in the new house and most of the rooms are put together enough that you can relax a bit. The bedrooms are in the worst shape since we all need new bedroom furniture. We are still living out of bags as far as clothing is concerned and I need to put some shelving in the closet to get our linens out of the way.

I went to make some curtains yesterday to take away some of that fishbowl feeling and found that my sewing machine pedal didn't make it to the new house. I'm dragging Henry back to the old house this morning to get some of the little things left in the basement and scour the place hoping the pedal just got left behind by accident. I need curtains!

Henry has done an amazing job throughout this whole thing. He's such a great kid. He likes his new room with the "secret passageway" and he seems to be settling in just fine, though I fear he thinks Lowe's is a second home.

I also heard last night that my previous Kiva loan had been repaid. Hooray! I spent a little time on the site this morning and reinvested the money with a women run sewing cooperative in the Dominican Republic. Double Hooray!

AAAANND, in more news- I heard from Peru this morning to expect the next box of Classic Crankys next Friday. If they arrive on time, I will start invoicing balances and shipping the following Monday and Tuesday when I get back from CT. This ALSO means that it is pre-order time again. I will start contacting folks today, so be on the look out for an email if you got on the list between 11/07 and mid-01/08. WooHoo!

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