Thursday, June 05, 2008

We Movin' on Up!

Holy cow. I never knew we had this much stuff...

After dropping Henry off at a friend's house, we have spent the day elbow deep in stuff, stuff, stuff. We've definitely made a large dent, but there is still so much to do and I am so. tired. We have to pick Henry back up in an hour and a half so I really shouldn't be stopping, but Kyle ran out to drop off some things at Habitat for Humanity and I just needed to sit for a minute.

If you are one of my loverly auction winners and I haven't heard from you yet, our internet will be shut down first thing in the morning and I won't have it again until Saturday night (BEST case scenario). I can read email from my phone, but it won't be the easiest thing on Earth, so if there is some lag time, that's why.

We close tomorrow at 9am and then it is MOVING DAY! Tonight will be our last night in this house. I'd get all nostalgic remembering all of the milestones Henry reached while we lived here, but my brain isn't working properly at the moment.


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