Thursday, June 26, 2008


As we go from June to July, I can finally say that it is no longer "holiday shopping time" at the Crankypants website. I have been meaning to have it updated for months and months but there always seemed to be onemorething I wanted to get done first so all the changes could be made at once. I finally admitted that the day I have everything ready all at once will never come and had the home page changed and some small things tweaked.

It now features the fair trade Peruvian Crankys modeled by superstar Gabe. Thanks Gabe! Have fun at the beach next week!

The other night we had the pleasure of going out to dinner with some great friends, JP and Meryl. They were originally friends of Kyle's parents who introduced them to us-but we all hit it off immediately and I think we are taking custody of them from Kyle's folks. We spent the evening talking about their amazingly rich life histories (JP was a child performer riding the unicycle in the Royal Hungarian Circus. I know.), their non-profit (bringing the circus arts to hundreds of thousands of under privileged and at risk kids a year, both through performance and training. I know.), the new house and everything in between. They brought Henry 3 things: a metal kazoo, a harmonica and a small slide whistle. Meryl and JP, if you're reading this, you can expect to have Henry show up on your doorstep by summer's end. Slide whistle in hand. Ready for his turn on the flying trapeze.

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