Friday, May 16, 2008

Prepare Yourself...

...for some serious cute-ness.

My friend Susannah was kind enough to let me borrow her amazingly beautiful little red head, Gabe to take some action shots of the new fair trade Crankys from Peru. There are a million bajillion, but here are some of my favorites:

And speaking of these bad boys, the wait list/pre-order thing is driving me batty. Seriously. I am having trouble keeping it all straight, it is kicking my heiny. If you have responded to my email and asked for an invoice to be on the pre-order list as of now-5:28PM EST on Friday- and you haven't gotten the invoice by bedtime, email me! If you were on the wait list on the blog and never got the pre-order email- email me! I appreciate all of your help and patience with my crazy habitrail "system". Y'all rock.

I also went a little overboard taking pictures of Skye's Monster princess Skirty, which will be in the mail tomorrow morning:

My customs list is going to have to bear with me this month. Things are going' but they are a goin' slow. At this point I am thinking I will NOT be taking any random customs on the first of June. I can't handle it. I'll do the regular auctions, but we'll be waist deep in moving boxes and Henry will be out of school by then-plus we'll be getting ready to spend 10 days in New England. I don't want to get even further behind, that's not fair. Something has to give, and with closing and whatnot, I can't afford to drop the auctions, sorry guys!

Okay. Back to the needles...

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