Monday, May 19, 2008

Mommy, You're SO Booooring...

That is what Henry would say were he one of my faithful blog readers. And he'd be right. I have been so consumed with the business end of Crankypants and house buying that I've been absolutely no fun to be around. I'll make it up to you, I promise.

I put the next order in to Peru this afternoon, so pre-orders are closed. When I get word that the box is en route to the good ole US of A, I'll take the next batch so the gears are always turning. For inquiring minds who want to know, I'll be speaking to Mr. Peru about adding pink into the mix and also adding 2 more designs to the "classic" list for Fall. I can't pinky swear that it will actually happen, and I'll only follow through with it if it won't hurt the flow of the regular wait list, but I wanted to tell you I'm working on it.

For being so horrifyingly boring the past bit, I will be showing you all of my favorite bits and pieces that haven't made it into places of honor in this house, but will definitely be getting the love they deserve in the new house. And I'll be doing a fun little give away sometime next week, too, so keep the eyeballs peeled.

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