Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nicole's Cross Eyed Monsters

I finished up Nicole's cross eyes girly monsters this morning. Nicole is getting to be quite the Cranky connoisseur so I hope she likes them! Nicole might enlist me to try to figure out a Cranky skirty pattern for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. We'll see...

When we were in Dallas some of Cindy's friends and I were looking through her yarn basket and we found this gorgeous stuff:

This is all there is and they encouraged me to bring it home and knit it up. It is such a small amount, I have no idea what to make. It seems like a silk blended hand spun of some kind. I might make a couple of cuffs. What do you think?


Susannah said...

That yarn is beautiful amy! I would knit up a little pillow, something to always remind you of Cindy and keep her even closer to your heart. BTW, love the cross-eyed monter booties! Too funny.

Slink said...

Hey Amy,

I am on board with Nicole and am going to help her convince you to get the skirties up and going. How many pairs of Crankypants do the two of us need to purchase in order to make it happen.


Jessie said...

You know I was just thinking skirtie or a cutie pair capris :)

nicole_k said...

Oh my goodness Amy, they are perfect!!!

DH absolutely LOVES them!!

I'm with Selena, name your number mama! We'll make it happen!

But on one condition - I get the first skirty :)

Slink said...

But, Nicole my baby is bigger so it just makes sense for Sophia to wear it for the first 2 months and then it's yours LOL

Do you have any idea how silly we sound? Amy must think we are both nuts.

Missy said...

The yarn looks like recycled sari silk. Search Ravelry for it...lots of info. Way sheddy from what I have read. I would go with a heart-ish shaped pillow.