Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bring on the Chocolate!

This morning has already been full of looooooove!

That's sarcasm.

Kyle hit 'off' instead of 'snooze' on the alarm this morning so we slept late and spent all morning running around trying to get everyone ready for school in 10 minutes. Henry has a field trip today ("I don't waaaaaant to go on a field trip!") so I had to find his little preschool shirt so all the kids match when they go see their little play at the library ("I don't waaaaaaaaaaaaant to go to a play!"). Then I had to wrestle my darling little child into his jacket while trying to get him excited about the day's events ("I don't waaaaaaant to get Valentines!") and shove him out the door.

I have given birth to the biggest grump on the planet. They made little Valentines boxes at school out of old tissue boxes. They were all lined up on the counter when I picked him up the other day. Little boxes all painted red and covered liberally with hearts and doily things. Then one little naked tissue box, no paint, no hearts, no doilies and a single word: Henry. Henry who didn't want to paint or decorate his box. Because Henry is a 97 year old curmudgeon trapped in the body of a 4 year old. I am surprised he doesn't yell "That's a CROCK!" at Go, Diego, Go! when something outlandish happens.

To continue the magic of Valentine's Day, here's what I got Kyle:

I know. It's a cast iron skillet and if any of my friends' husbands bought that for them for Valentine's Day I would probably make a snarky comment about "keeping women in the kitchen" and hitting him in the head with it. Except that Kyle has been wanting a cast iron skillet forever. And it's red! Perfect!

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Kayla said...

Happy Valentines Day!

That skillet looks awesome. I've been wanting a La Cruset dutch oven forever, but haven't justified the cost yet. :)

Hope your day is special..and maybe Henry will perk up later..