Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy February!

So, my detailed analysis of last night's LOST episode is as follows:

Oh, come on, I'm kidding, let's get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Eden H.
Amanda S.
Stacy F.

Congrats! I sent out emails to these mamas already so you should have gotten them by now. I'm sorry to everyone who didn't get a spot this month!

But this is going to be a busy month over here at Crankypants World Headquarters so let me give you a heads up about a few things to keep your eyeballs peeled for.

Next week Robin over at Tush Cloth Diapers is doing a newborn stocking to celebrate the birth of her new little one, Ms. Daphne. In addition to a million other cute things, there will be a set featuring a pair of newborn Crankypants Monster Booty longies and a newborn Tush.

Venus Vanguard is having a movie themed stocking on the 7th which I will stock at least one piece in. Think girly hand dyed organic Blue Faced Liecester. Yummmmmm...

The mamas over at K&F Shops are having a monster stocking on the 8th and they have invited me to take part. I'll be doing monster bibs, some pick-your-monster bags and other assorted odds and ends.

Okay. I really would love to stay and wax poetic about the virtues of Sawyer and the gang, but my knitting machine is calling my name and Henry will be home from school before I know it. Suprisingly, the knitting machine and Henry are unmixy things, so it needs to be all packed away safely before he comes bounding in the door.

Have a good Friday everyone!

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