Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Day in the Life Pt. 4

I forgot about my last installment of "A Day in the Life" until I was too tired to do it, so I figured I'd finish up this morning and get on with my day.

After the boys got home yesterday afternoon I made dinner: gnocci, salad and bread. I even remembered how hard I worked at the gym earlier and didn't polish off the whole baguette. Go me again! Henry even ate a bunch of fresh mozzerella and a handful of gnocci. His eating habits are so bizarre. He refuses to eat french fries, grilled cheese or pb&j, but he loves gnocci and hommus and cous cous.

Oh wait, before that I took and edited pictures of my finished Obama longies.
Stephanie wanted Obama longies but she left all of the details about color and design up to me as long as they weren't too boyish. I decided to just go with the Obama logo to make them a little more subtle and wearable after the campaign is over. I changed the red in the logo to rose to girly them up and match the stripes in the legs.

An after dinner Wii game turned horribly ugly when Kyle tried to turn it off and Henry ended up making some bad choices and ending up in bed with no stories and a talking to about hurting peoples' feelings. He's been going through some emotional growing pains lately and the littlest thing can set him off on a crazy 4 year old tantrum that consists of crazy yelling, flailing (hitting, biting, kicking, etc) and declaring that he will never be anybody's friend ever again. It sucks. The past week he has been doing really well talking about his feelings instead of lashing out physically and bouncing back much quicker, so last night was a backslide. I think I've decided that the Wii needs to go away for a while. He gets all worked up playing and then when it is time to turn it off all of that excited energy comes out sideways.

About a half hour after he went to bed, Henry called me into his room and asked me to lay with him for a little while. I laid down and he said "I really am your best friend". When I thanked him for being so nice he replied "Does that make your feelings all fixed?" and I died of sweetness. I then promptly fell asleep in his bed for 45 minutes until Kyle came in to wake me up and tell me I had to come out because Tim Gunn was on The Daily Show. Tim Gunn + John Stewart = yay! I only stayed up for a few more hours (in which I did manage to meet my goal of finishing the body of the monster longies) and then off to bed!

Now it is another day and I am getting ready to get back to work and try to get some of the things done I didn't accomplish yesterday. I didn't manage to get a hold of the sewing machine guy or squeeze in the fabric cutting I still had to do. Let's jump right in, shall we?


Lady Nunn said...

OMG LOVE the Obama longies!!

Parke said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one dealing with post-Wii meltdowns. That machine does some wierd wierd things to the preschool set. Next time you're up for a visit, let's lock Henry, Eli and our Wii in a room together and see what happens. LOL. :)