Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sickies Strike Back

Henry woke up coughing and warm this morning so he has been hanging out with me all day in lieu of infecting all the other wee beasties at school. Our big adventure was a trip to the grocery store, other than that we've been homebodies. The highlight of our day was when we discovered a ladybug in the bathtub and decided to keep him for a little while in our happy bug house full of leaves and grass. Henry has been playing computer games and being generally very agreeable (except the 20 minutes of wailing and gnashing of teeth before I made him take a nap, where he is now happily sleeping despite insisting he was "not even tired one little bit") and I have managed to get a little bit of work done.

Here is a new batch of hungry little monsters waiting for some tasty tidbits to fall into their eagerly awaiting mouths:

I am planning on hanging onto them until the monster themed stocking I will be guesting at over at K&F Shops in early February.

I am feeling a bit under the weather myself so I think I am going to curl up with a blanket and some easy knitting on the couch until the bean wakes up from his nap.


Kayla said...

I was so excited to see new bibs cause I missed the last batch, and then so bummed to see they are being saved. :(

Looks like I have some stalking to do. :)

amy. said...

Hey Kayla,
Shoot me an email, I'm sure we can work something out ;)