Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I justnow remembered that I am supposed to have auctions up starting today. They're up!

Henry woke up feeling much better this morning so he is back at school, leaving me to sit and survey the sick day damage. I'm feeling a bit better too, so I think I am going to ignore the disaster area of a house and make a trip across town to the only fabric store on Earth that carries black, white AND red terry. I need some more monster bib fixins. If I manage it, I'll be stocking some in a few days at one of the shops. I'll let you know when they are going up. If sales keep going well they'll make their way over to the main site for good.

Does anyone have any recommendations for amazing hand salve? My hands are in the absolute roughest shape right now. I have been horribly abusive to the poor dears between dry yarn, pointy sewing needles and very hot irons, and they need some serious attention.


Kayla said...

I use Naturally Luxe(I'm pretty sure they are HC)healing salve and its soo good. That or Clear Hills Honey(name?!) Knitter's balm...:)

MudpieBabies said...

Clear Hills Honey ( knitter's balm is awesome! She's also got a regular site and stocks on regularly. I've also heard great things about NL's healing salve... just haven't managed to snag any for myself yet. And the crab longies look gorgeous... can't wait till they get here. I'll send you a pic of him in them. Godspeed... ~ Tiffani

Lindsey said...

I recommend Aveda hand relief, smells heavenly and goes on like a dream.

MamaHoldYou said...

Hey I'm a nurse so I know all about abused hands. I use olive oil mixed with some large granule sugar (I use demerara sugar) and some drops of lavender EO. Mix together, stand over the sink, rub in well and rinse in warm water. Ahhhhhh...smooth!