Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh, My Aching Ache.

Henry woke up calling for me this morning at 5:30. When I went in and bent over him in bed to try to convince (okay, beg and plead might be more accurate) him to go back to sleep for a little while, he whipped his head up and accidentally got me right in the mouth. It split the inside of my lip right open. Ouchie! To add aches to injury I dragged my tired old booty to the gym and I don't know if it will ever forgive me. I am starting to train for the 40 mile breast cancer walk I am hoping to do later this year and I need to drop a little weight to give my knees a fighting chance. Not a ton, just a little. Knitting full time has not been the best thing for my fitness level and I am actually looking forward to having a goal to force me back into the gym.

Hot of the needles are Ms. Nicole's Monster Princess longies. I love this little lady. I think the pointy teeth and color choices give a little edge to the princess idea. Her highness was made using the heavier wetting yarn and hand beaded with a fancypants little tiara.

While I had the camera out I snapped a quick picture of my Monster Bib's little red heart of gold.



Kayla said...

Both of those are exceedingly cute!

anniebel said...

How adorable. Love the cute! Bib too! Lil Monster with a heart! Don't all of our lil monsters have a heart.....sometime hidden!