Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Santa's not the only one with a belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly after yesterday's eat-a-thon. YWCA, here I come!

Yesterday was Henry's for Xmas where he was really old enough to get the whole Santa thing. I was so excited to have him revel in the mysterious wonders of Santa and Christmas morning and presents under the tree and wide eyed wonder and all that jazz. Not my child. I have managed to raise a four year old pragmatist. I hopped into bed with him a little after 7:00, after a restless night of sleep, thinking about how excited he'd be about the day's upcoming events. Curled up in the blankets, I said "Hey Henry-I think I heard Santa's sleigh bells and reindeer hooves on the roof last night", trying to get him excited about running down the stairs to examine the cookie crumbs and celery bits left behind by the big man and his right hand reindeer. "Mama", he replied impatiently, "I think that was probably just the sounds of the ocean" (which can indeed be heard quite well from his bedroom windows). No wide eyed wonder for me. Nor was he willing to indulge in the paper ripping, present opening glutfest that I remember from my childhood. He opened a few presents well enough, but when he made it to Marble Run, he insisted that he was done. When we wildly gesticulated to the massive pile of gifts still left to be shucked under the tree, he kind of shrugged his shoulders, turned back to his beloved Marble Run and dismissed us all with a quiet "Eh. I don't need those". Secretly, I did a little happy dance that he was content with one gift he loved and didn't feel the need to get moremoremoremoremore. Unfortunately, this is not what grandparents who have spent the last 3 months shopping and dreaming of this morning want to hear. So we had to have Daddy remove Marble Run to "read the directions" while he finished opening the rest of his packages. Of which there were many.
As soon as he is back at school I am going to have to go through his room and get rid of a bunch of old things he doesn't play with anymore.

For dinner we went to a friend's house who was hosting a huge Christmas get together. We ate. And ate. And ate. There was turducken involved, need I say more? Then we came home to a giant tray of chocolate covered nuts and sours and white chocolate pretzels that someone had left as a gift for the family. And, though I don't particularly like any of these things and I was already stuffed full of turducken and cheesecake, we ate more. I fear my stomach may never make a full recovery.

Today will be spent trying to catch up on some work until tonight when we go to a tiny little converted post office/shack in El Jobean for the best fish and chips ever. Get ready stomach, here we go again!

It looks like we will be departing for the long trip home early Friday morning, to arrive back in Asheville sometime Friday night. Saturday is going to be a workfest, so if you are waiting for any kind of communication from me-Saturday's the day. I am still planning on putting up my auctions on time and January and Februaury are big months for me, stocking all over the place. I am running a little behind on my December list because of all the traveling and being away from home and whatnot, but I'm hoping to come in pretty dern close. I don't have my custom book right with me so I can't remember names, but for a quick update for thsoe in the know: I am all done with the beaver pants but the finishing, I am on the second leg of the black monsters (maybe an hour and a half away from having all the knitting on them done). The last two haven't been started yet and both feature designs I've never done before, but I'm going to do my derndest to come in as close to the first of the year as possible. Can you believe it is the end of the year? How the heck did that happen?

Kyle's grandmother is no longer driving and Kyle's Jetta is one commute away from leaving its transmission on the Patton Ave. bridge, so his folks were kind enough to sell us her car (a Lincoln Continental-ha!) at a deep discount. This means we'll be driving home in seperate cars. 12 hours of driving alone with Henry should be... interesting. Wish me luck!


Keitha said...

Oh. My. God. And I thought no one in the world outside of the surrounding communities in southwest Florida knew of the post office/shack/bait shop in El Jobean. lol

amy. said...

I know aaaaaaaaaaaall! ;)

Henry was being a tired ole poo so we never made it to El Jobean, wah!