Friday, November 30, 2007

Whaddaya Mean It's December???

I can't believe that the first day of December is tomorrow! That is insane. It snuck up on me so hardcore that I totally forgot to list the first December auction this morning. Oops. The other three are up now, starting tomorrow at 10am and ending Monday at 10pm.

I am *thisclose* to finishing my last November custom and hope to have it in the mail tomorrow morning. I have been awash in a sea of bags this past week. With the new site up and running I am faced with customers who actually expect things to be made already. I am going to have to reword the library bag listing to allow for 2 weeks or so for me to get a batch together and ship them out. It is depressing to felt one little bag so I made a small batch and then every time I'd get ready to felt them another order would come in and I'd have to make one more before felting. All in all I ended up with 9 bags this past week. Five of them are already spoken for. I think the others might make their way onto the Etsy shop.

Pari and Robin's library bags:

A custom knit kit bag:

A sweet little toadstool bag that doesn't have a home yet:

And once more with feeling for the newbies who might not know the custom process yet:

I open for custom orders via email (info[at]crankypantshome[dot]com) on the first of each month. All you have to do is email me on the first between 10am and 12 noon letting me know that you would like to place a custom order. I take as many orders as I can for the month (using a random number generator). It starts all over again each month. I know it is crazy, but it is the only way that works for the time being. Crankypants longies run from $72-90 and shorties from $50-65 depending on measurements and design. I do my very best to complete all custom orders the month the order is taken so, depending where you fall on the list, turnaround time is anywhere between 1-5 weeks. I do ship anywhere in the world for an additional charge depending on destination. I do not currently and do not plan to sell the Crankypants pattern. It is all in my little head and to translate it from Amyspeak into language that is actually understandable would be a chore I am not up to tackling. If you have any other questions please feel free to email.

PLEASE NOTE: I am making no promises to anyone that their December Crankypants will arrive in time for the holidays so please do not count on it. I am sure some of them will get there in time but I don't want to make promises I can't keep. I will also only be taking 4 custom orders this month (in addition to the 3 auctions), as I will be traveling to CT and will be spending some quality time with my family. Good luck and I'll see you in the morning!


Bugaboo Bottoms said...

Ooooh, that's my bag! The purple one, you DID do purple! I wasn't niece is going to be so thrilled. Thank you Amy!

Teneik said...

Oooh get ready, it's getting COLD here!!!! :D