Saturday, December 01, 2007

December Customs List

Here goes:

Melody F.
Jessica M.
Sally S.
Rebecca T.

Congratulations, you make up my December Customs List! Your congrats emails with instructions have already been sent.

Diane, your Girly Monsters with the fancy trim are finally done! WooHoo! I hope they are worth the wait:

I also finished a little girly monster bag for the little lass who doesn't like to be bossed around:

And I will be listing a bunch of stitch markers on HC and Etsy as well today:

Wee Strawberry:

Which came first?:

Wee Toadstool:


Ramie's Mama said...

Oh, crap! I had NO IDEA it was already Dec.
Well, I really screwed up, now didn't I? :(

Mindy said...

love the blog! Wish I'd known what time zone you were referring to so I could have sent in my email on time...(blush)

Brenna said...

I think your crankypants are AWESOME! I too am a knitter and love to make things for my son. However, I have never made anything that cool :-) Great job!!