Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cookie What Now?

In a moment of joy after making my first successful batch of chocolate crinkles the other day I signed up for my playgroup's annual cookie exchange. I don't get to see these mamas very much anymore since Henry is in school full time now, so equal parts wanting to be included and eagerness to display my new learned cookie prowess seems to have gotten me in over my head. On Sunday afternoon henry and I are going to set about the task of making 13 dozen chocolate crinkles. Yikes! This means that I will be emerging from the cookie exchange with 13 dozen of other mamas' cookies. What in the holy hell am I going to do with 13 dozen cookies? Anyone up for a cookie give away?

Last night I was bitten by the crazy CrankyMoose bug and stayed up to the wee hours of the morning finishing Cathy's CrankyMoose longies. Cathy's wee lad has a moose toy that he is particularly fond of and so she thought a pair of Crankys to match would be just the ticket. I must admit that I was ever so slightly intimidated by her request, since she sent me pictures of the toy and a mock up of the longies and seemed very sure of how she wanted them done. A mama who knows what she wants is always welcome at Crankypants World Headquarters, but I am always a tad nervous that I am not going to live up to the picture in their head. We shall see.

In an unfortunate turn of events, after going to bed at roughly 1:30 this morning, I was awoken by the dulcet sounds of my little darling waking up for the day. At 4:45 AM. He was adamant that it was time for him to get up and "watch a little show". After about 20 minutes of arguing I just climbed into his bed and played dead which bought me another hour or so of dozing in and out punctuated every 10 minutes or so by blows and kicks of a tossing and turning 4 year old beastie. Needless to say I did not leap from the bed when it was time to pack the tiny man away to school and go deal with getting my window fixed. But it is done! I have a passenger side window! No more breezes blowing though my car! No more being humiliated when I forget that I have no window and sing too loud in the car only to find that my neighbor in traffic is laughing and pointing at me! WooHoo!

I spent the rest of the morning working on a big ole batch of bags. Most of them are already spoken for, but look for one or two at the Festivus Miracle Stocking over at Venus Vanguard next Thursday, which I am going to be out of town for. This is the second stocking in a row that took place when I was out of town. If they weren't already scheduled long before I joined up I think I could get some sort of complex about the whole thing.


Susannah said...

Amy, those are the cutest Crankies I think that I have ever seen- way to go mama! Susannah

anniebel said...

Those are sooooooooo cute!! I love them. What a great job you did! Way to go girl

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Joshua said...

I LOVE them, Amy! Can't wait to get them on my little moosie!
Cathy (and Joshua)

(Is that Portugese in the comment above?!!)

HaleysMommy said...

OMG those are the cutest things ever! If only I had money to give you for CPs!