Monday, October 29, 2007


The last week of the month is always crazy and this one is no exception. Throw in Halloween and a charity raffle out of control and you have... chaos.

I FINALLY listed this month's auctions. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

I just listed the I'm Wired monster bag over at the Etsy Shop. I know a few people were interested in it, so go check it out!

As for October business, I just finished Brittany's Navy Monster Booty longies:

The picture was taken in direct sunlight so it is kind of washed out looking, sorry about that! We are looking at a new camera lens that will take care of that sort of thing...

Jessica's longies are on the needles and I am hoping to have the shipped Thursday. I am starting the legs this morning. I was hoping to get one leg done last night, but I ran out of one of the stripe colors. I have to wait until the yarn store opens today to get more. 7,000 skeins of yarn and not one orange...pth. One day past my deadline, not toooooo bad. While I should have been knitting her leg, I started on a pair of small hand dyed BFL longies for the Venus Vanguard stocking in early November. I'll actually be in MI for the stocking, but they should be done by then. Hopefully.

With the new site going live in mid-November, I am put in the position of having to write an "About Me" page. It is a difficult thing to do! I did it, but it was so hard to write a little blurb. Even more dorky? The pictures. Here are a few of the ones that make me cringe the least:

In personal business, we had a crazy weekend. Susannah stopped by on Friday morning to pick up Gabe's Autumn Tree longies on her way to the Fiber Festival in town for the weekend. I was going to use all the willpower I could muster to stay away, but she called me later and said that it was not to be missed. I went at opening on Sunday morning and was so impressed with myself that I came out of that place with nothing but a size 9 16" Addi Turbo to replace the one that Henry dented under a chair leg. Then I got home and realized that was a size 8, not a 9. Oops. But still. I bought zero yarn. ZERO! Go me! Sunday afternoon we went to a Halloween cookie making party and played in the garden at our neighborhood elementary school. I have pictures somewhere, but I don't think they came out very good.

Henry has been insisting that he wants to be a "ghostie" for Halloween. I thought I had it made in the shade, how easy is a ghost costume? SO I didn't even start it until yesterday. Henry wants nothing to do with a ghostie costume. He let me put the sheet on his head for about 10 seconds before he started yelling that he "doesn't like it in here!". Gah. Now it is the day before Halloween and he won't tell me what he wants to be. He won't let me make his ghost costume but he insists he wants to be a ghost. I scrounged a pretty kick booty pirate costume from dress up clothes I've made/bought him in the past but he refuses to be a pirate. AHHHH! What to do what to do? I am going to give it one more try this afternoon and then just hope that when he here's "trick or treat" he'll put on whatever outfit I give him to go beg for candy in. Cross your fingers for me...


KL said...

Lookin good mama!

What happened to your finger?

amy. said...

It's kind of gross.

At the top of each stitch, I kind of poke the tip of my knitting needle with my finger to slip the stitch off. Since I'm knitting so much, that little repetitive poke is making a hole in my finger. I have to layer 2 band aids on top of each other to knit without pain at this point. I'm looking at it like a sports injury, lol. I keep putting Burt's Bees Res-Q Salve on it and hoping it'll go away eventually, but since I can't take a break from knitting, it'll probably take forever.

Kayla said...

Wow, I can imagine. I only do hats every few days or so and I already have a horrible callus and permanant indent in my I can see where you would have issues.

Never tried the bandaid, smart..

Love the look so inquisitive..

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could just cut a hole in the sheet for Henry's head and put some ghostly makeup on his face! We're going through the same thing. My son's spiderman but doesn't want to wear the mask for more than 10 seconds. I should've learned when last year he wouldn't wear his Buzz Lightyear helmet either. oh well!

Susannah said...

Amy, I cannot believe you showed such restraint at the Fiber Show, I went a bit crazy (but it was all stuff that I knew I wanted and just had to find the right color!) I am sorry about your finger, hope that you get a little time to help it heal. We have gotten tons of compliments on Gabe's longies, I will send on some action shots in the next day or so! Have a great Halloween! Susannah