Sunday, September 30, 2007

To Keep Your Interest...

...while you are waiting for midnight to roll around:

Janna's girly monsters:

And because I am a total dork I thought it would be cute to take a picture of the girly monster and boyish monster together.

In other exciting news, my own girly friend Melissa is going to stop by tonight to have a cocktail and watch the Deserate Housewives premiere with me. How fun is that? I feel like i should put on my silk pajamas (even though all I have are flannel Nick and Nora sock monkey pjs) for the occasion.


Rachel said...

This is killing me waiting...LOL

Congrats on having a product that so many people want :D

Thanks for offering the custom slots like this :D

Congrats to all that get them!!!

Monica said...

Hi Amy~I love the "brother and sister" monsters! They'd look adorable on my kiddos. (hint, hint~lol)
BTW...Midnight madness turned into midnight sadness...lots of emails being bumped from your email server. I sure hope enough got through that you don't have to do this all again tomorrow night. (Even though mine didn't go through, I wouldn't wish that kind of mess on anyone!)

rachel said...

I too got the error, I too hope you got your people, this would have to be maddening for you :(