Monday, October 01, 2007

Well Color Me Cranky...

Alright mamas, I know you have been waiting! I apologize for not staying up with you, but Henry went to bed with a cough that could have gone either way and I was afraid I was going to stay up until midnight and then have him keep me up the rest of the night. As it turned out, he still has a cough, but he woke up feeling just dandy-thank GOODness because I need today to work!!!

Anyway. I could only take 5 slots this month because I have a huge craft fair in Charlotte on the 12th that I have to get ready for. SO with the auctions, I'll be doing 9 pairs this month. I got over 200 emails last night. It would have taken me about 7 million years to open each one (which I generally do) so I just went down the list and took the first 5 people who made it right at midnight and were on the list last month. I couldn't think of a more fair way.

I know a ton of people got a message that their email was returned, but I am fairly certain that they actually made it through. I compared names with some of the mamas talking about it on the boards (again, I didn't check each and every one) and people who got the message did in fact successfully email. It seems that my server or email or inbox or something (can you tell I know a ton about computers) can't handle all that mail at once. You crashed me. I'll be thinking of a way to make sure this doesn't happen again, possibly a lottery or something. I have been resisting a lottery because I don't want to limit myself by using Hyena Cart for everything. There are a lot of people who have never even heard of it and you have to register to use it. I don't know how I feel about relying on HC for my auctions AND regular customs. I'll think about it.

And now that I've rambled on for a million years:


Angelika M.
Susannah and Gabe
Brittany W.
Meagan B.
Jessica H-B.

I'll send out all of the emails as soon as I have a cup of coffee because I seriously need one. If someone wants to post the link to this at DS feel free...

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Anonymous said...

So, if we weren't on the list last month, we had zero chance of getting a slot this month even if we were the first email that came through at midnight? That hardly seems fair and I'm sorry I didn't see that rule in the list of information. I thought it was the first emails that came in...

So if we are on the list this month we WILL have a chance next month????