Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get Ready to Rumblllllllllllle!

I am trying to gear up for staying up late tonight. Henry didn't help by waking me up at 6 this morning. That is just too early for a Sunday morning. For all of you who don't feel like dealing with staying up either, I still have 3 auctions to go on Hyena Cart- one today (it just started), one tomorrow and the last one on Tuesday.

We have a pretty busy day today. Already Henry and I have gone to the grocery store, baked 2 dozen cookies and dyed some yarn. Now we have to wait for the cookies to cool down so we can decorate them (nothing like buying organic non-transfat cookie dough and slathering them with frosting and sprinkles...) and take them over to "Big Sam's" (he's 5) to hang out and watch some football. This entails me sitting on the couch and knitting while everyone else watches football and obsessively checks their fantasy league page. Kyle made a ridiculously large pot of white chili to bring over as well, so it is going to be a yummy afternoon. We go straight from there to Melissa's to get Henry and Kyle's hairs cut. Henry's is out of control. Actually, today we had kind of a funny experience at the grocery store.

The woman who rung us up obviously thought Henry was a girl. She asked him how old he was and he told her he was 4. Then she asked his name. When he said "Henry" she looked confused and said "What?". He said his name again and she looked even more confused. This is the part where people usually either say "Oh, I thought he was a girl" or they try to cover up the fact that they ever thought he was a girl in the first place. This woman clung to her original assessment, thinking we were weirdos for naming our daughter Henry and choked out "Oh. Henry. That's... pretty". It cracked me up.

Yesterday Kyle took Henry to a field hockey game up at the high school. They met up with another dad and Henry's friend Garrett, likes space.

Henry meets spaceman:

Henry is spaceman:

I have Janna's girly girl monster longies all finished, but I still need to take and upload pictures so I hope I can do that sometime today. The yarn we dyed this morning was for Angie's monster and Kelly's are on the needles, so I hope to have all of this month's customs done and out by mid-week. I also have a couple of wait list pairs that will be ready to go out soon, but I need to do the finishing and use them for pictures before I contact their future owners. Stay tuned!

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Amy said...

That last photo is beautiful. He's a gorgeous boy!