Saturday, September 29, 2007


How many of my posts have that title? Have I mentioned that I am not a morning person?

Last night at about 2:30am (okay, so I guess that's this morning) I heard Henry yell "MOM! I need your HELP!!". I'm not sure if there is anything that strikes terror into the heart of a mother more than that phrase waking you from a dead sleep. As I woke myself up a bit by bumping into my bedroom door jamb at a 67.3 mile per hour sprint, I realized that he had probably just wet the bed as opposed to being pulled through the window (and over the huge flower box and through the gigantic hedge directly under his window) by the leader of some sort of child abduction ring. I was pleased to find that he had not wet the bed, but it took me a minute to figure out what the heck was wrong. He had pulled one of his glow in the dark stars off the wall and a little ball of the sticky goo stuff that held it onto the wall was now stuck in his hair. And needed to be dealt with immediately. At 2:30 in the morning. I had to cut it out but luckily the kid has so much darn hair that you can't even tell. Disaster averted.

Henry has had a couple kids get pulled out of his preschool this year because the parents felt they weren't being "academically challenged" enough at his school. Yes, they are 4. To address the issue, Henry's teacher got all the parents together with a "Transition to Kindergarten" specialist (yes, that's a real job) to talk about what skills the kids will actually need and what they won't need to get ready for Kindergarten. It was nice, but I didn't really learn much I wasn't aware of before. I know I am supposed to read to Henry every day and let him draw and write with crayons and do lots of activities that involve fine motor development. Another thing that they are doing that I think rocks is sending each of the kids home with a medium sized Rubbermaid container dubbed "Kindergarten Boxes". They are filled with all sorts of games and activities that Henry would have no interest in if I presented them to him, but can't get enough of since Ms. Gina gave it to him in his Kindergarten Box. Every Thursday they bring their box back and every Friday they bring home a new one. Yay Kindergarten boxes!

Have you guys heard about the Scion Craft My Ride competition? It is pretty dern cool. They are accepting submissions for original, handmade crafty accessories for the Scion and the winner gets a free one! I am so entering, though my mind is completely blank as to what I should make. I know it is a marketing tool, but I think it is pretty awesome anyway. Anything that celebrates and rewards craftiness is alright with me. I can't wait to see what people come up with. The deadline is October 22, so go get your craft on!

Speaking of which, I should get back to the needles... I can't believe tomorrow is the 30th. Already. Sheesh!

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Shannon said...

You should so knit cranky seat covers. . . how rad would that be. :)