Saturday, August 18, 2007


This whole working thing stinks! All week I have been working from 8-12 and then going directly to various babysitters to pick up Henry and take him home to hang out. This means zero Crankypants time for me, since Henry has decided that naps are for suckers. I usually work for a few hours after Henry goes to bed at night, but readjusting to spending the first half of my day with 60 new 8 year olds has me wiped out at 9pm. Mr. Man goes back to school Monday, which means I will have the second half of the day to knit, thankfully. I am hoping to start cranking out the longies at that point, since I am seriously behind right now. I have 3 pairs on the needles right now, so hopefully this coming week will be big for the fluff. Hang in there!

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Jessie said...

Take it easy mama, getting back to work is hard! Get some rest and enjoy your Sunday!