Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fame! I Wanna Live Forever! I Wanna Learn How to Fly (High!)

When we were up picking blueberries the other day a photographer from a local paper took some pictures of our little group. She said to keep an eye out in case they got published. Of course, 12 seconds later I forgot all about it. Well, today just happened to be one of those days they paper company tried to entice you into subscribing by leaving a free copy on your doorstep. Kyle was thumbing through it and sure enough, there was Henry! They spelled our last name wrong, but it is still pretty cool. I went to the website to see if I could email the link to my folks and found a bunch of other pictures:

Henry taking some berries from Kyle's hand.

Henry eating a "not-quite-ready" berry (this is the one from the print version of the paper).

Kyle and Henry.

Tommy and Lisa pickin'.

There were a few others of our group, but those were the best ones. All of them were credited to Erin Brethauer. I'll have to cut it out and put it in his little box with the other few bits he's been in.

In other exciting news, I shipped out 3 sample pairs of Crankypants and all of my patterns and charts to a knitting co-op in Nepal that is pretty sure they can help me out with production of Crankypants. They should be to Nepal in a week or so and then we can see what happens from there. I am so excited at the prospect of being able to fill more orders and possibly open some wholesale orders and actually start marketing! I am hoping (hopinghopinghoping) that I can have the first batch by the winter holidays, btu I think that might be a stretch. I'm so bad at the "wait and see" thing.

I also just heard that something I was hoping I'd have by the FEAST literary stocking on September 3rd would be here in time! Yay! I can't wait to get it all done. I am such a book geek. And a knitting geek. And a monster geek.

Geek power!

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Jessie said...

Love when the kiddies are in the paper! Great shots - those are keepers!