Friday, July 27, 2007

New Auction For The Professor

Some of you might remember the auction that I participated in with The Fiber Arts Avengers last year for a little boy, Nat (aka "The Professor" because of his inquisitive spirit) who was fighting brain cancer at age 3. It was a great success and it was so nice to take action (however small) in the face of such powerlessness. Shortly after the auction, Nat lost his battle with cancer. He was almost the exact same age as Henry at the time. A year later, Nat's family is faced with trying to pay his final expenses. Once again, The Fiber Arts Avengers have put together an auction for the family. Being in and out of town all month I couldn't participate this time around, but I would looooove for everyone to go and check it out. There are tons of cool things over there, including some pretty amazing hand dyed yarn that I am going for so hands off! No, no, no, I kid. Bid high and buy as many raffle tickets as you can. So many times people get support in the midst of the trauma and are then forgotten and left to pick up the pieces alone. Let's not let that happen this time, guys. It isn't just about money (though that is nice, too) it is about letting this family know that people are still thinking about them and still thinking about Nat.

Fiber Arts Avengers

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