Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crankypants Stuff Later

Let me start off by saying that I have Mandy's rainbow Jolly Rogers all done and ready to mail out tomorrow. I am finishing up a bunch of monster bags that I need to photograph as well, so I will post pictures of all that jazz tomorrow.

Second, a bit about the subscribe button. In order to use it you need to use a blog organizer site. I use Bloglines. It is really easy to set up and use and it makes checking my 17 blogs I read daily mush easier because it shows you all at once who has updated instead of checking each individual site. Check it out.

I am so excited to introduce you to a couple of new monster-y friends of mine. They were made just for me by my most favorite monster maker Voz, from Fishcakes . I am planning to make a whole lot of neat gear with these guys so keep an eye out.

This is Fancypants. She is the girly girl of the monster world, but don't let her pink and purple get up and tiara fool you. I have seen her change a tire, reprogram the computer and make Hulk hogan cry- all without wrinkling her tutu.

This dapper fellow is Smartypants. He can often be spotted cleaning his glasses or alphabetizing his massive monster library. He also has an extensive collection of rare vinyl 33s.

They are patiently awaiting the arrival of their little brother Crankypants. He should be along shortly.

Since I am so excited about these guys joining the team I am going to run a little contest. Leave me a comment and complete the sentence "Fancypants loves..." or "Smartypants loves...". You can help construct their personalities. Try to think about it a minute and make sure it fits. It'll be fun! At the end of a week I'll pick a winner who will get one of my new monster bags I've been posting pictures of lately. Come play!


Kayla said...

Fancypants likes to dance to Rock-n-roll..

Smartypants loves Sushi(but shh..don't tell anyone)..

Ok, I know dumb..but its late, and DH wasn't being creative with me..:) He thought of something dark like, Fancypants likes to dance on your soul..haha..I didn't think it would fly..:)

joliemom said...

Fancypants loves long walks on the beach while stalking small animals for lunch.

Mary Jane "MJ" said...

Smartypants loves playing with his ant farm and counting backwards.

Fancypants loves going down the slide backwards and eating without a spoon.

Emma'sMommy said...

Fancypants loves to go to the opera. However, they don't allow her in anymore. She would "catch the spirit" and dance in the isles. The fat lady didn't sing.

Anonymous said...

Fancypants loves to PIROUETTE in the rain using her Tutu as an umbrella.

Smartypants loves to read the dictionary back to front just for fun.



Raymond and Amber said...

Smartypants loves the weather. In his lightning bowtie and clear as rain glasses, he loves to splash in the puddles. When nobody is looking, he he spikes his hair, and pretends the lightening got him...he's quite the silly monster.

Sabra said...

Smartypants loves to come up with nonsensical anagrams. He says Fancypants loves to spy ann fact, but I'm not sure what he's talking about.

Jodie said...

fancypants loves getting dressed up in ribbons and pearls and having tea parties even when no one else is there.

Smartypants loves listening to NPR and coming up an unusual "word of the day" that he tries to slip seamlessly into everyday conversation.

Drearina said...

Fancypants likes to follow her dreams!
Fancypants likes to prove that girls can do anything, even while wearing a skirt.

Keitha said...

Fancypants loves to fish despite her pink ruffly tutu purple striped leggings. In fact she loves a whole bunch of tom girl like activities but keeps them all a secret with her girly appearance.

Smartypants loves to watch Jeopardy. He sits at his home and answer all the questions before the contestants. He is quite the fountain of useless knowledge. He often finds himself a bit socially abandoned because people are intimated by his pure geniusness (and his rather eclectic choice of clothing)

Raymond and Amber said...

Fancypants loves being a girl. Who says that tutus and mud don't mix? The most graceful monster you'll ever see covered in dirt. While all the boys swear by thier favorite running shoes, she beats them all in her pretty pink ballerina slippers.

Taryn said...

Fancypants loves to make cupcakes for her brothers, but most of the time they lead to a huge food fight!

Deb60604 said...

Smartypants loves shopping for eyeglasses that fit.

Fancypants loves roughhousing with the family pet, Getajob McTigerclaws.

Jessie said...

Ok, I am a dork but it seems everytime I have to think up something my head makes it rhyme. It's a sickness...can't wait to see these guys and what you will create with them.

Cha Cha Cha
Fancypants loves to dance
Blues, Rock, or Eminem Rapping
Doesn't matter b/c they all make her toes start tapping.
Now, what you might not know
Scholarly brother isn't always so uptight
Just the other day he was seen
cutting a rug to A Hard Days Night.

heatherg said...

Just for fun, Smartypants love to memorize encyclopedias. He has already memorized A-O.

His favorite thing to do on dark, stormy nights is to go into his study and put on a classic album from the 70's, eat a few ice cream sandwiches and read medical books and journals. His secret desire when he was a Little Smartypants was to be a brain surgeon. But alas, only three fingers and no thumb made it impossible for him to hold a scalpel.

Jessica said...

Smartypants secretly loves reality TV! Shhhh!

Fancypants loves to pick wildflowers and weave them into baskets.

Sharmista said...

Smartypants loves using big words so everyone knows what a smarty he is!

Rachelgirl014 said...

Fancypants loves everything "diva". The more frills, the better. She loves to boss the younger "pants" around-very much a big sister.

Jessica said...

Fancypants loves adventure - she has recently gone bungy jumping, which was quite a site in her tutu!

Smartypants loves to read the New York Times and find all of the spelling mistakes. He used to call their editting department to report them, but they no longer take his calls.

Ashley said...

Fancypants likes to pretend she's a princess...the princess is demanding you watch her dance....NOW!!!!!!


Ramie's Mama said...

Smartypants loves sunsets (viewed from his gamma ray telescope,) long walks on the beach (w/ his metal detector,) and quiet nights alone (w/ 10 of his closest online gaming buddies.)

[FTR, it's 2:17am--I may be delusional as I type ;)]

Niccole said...

Fancypants loves to jump, spin and tap and dazzles us, on occasaion, with a bit of the monster mash.

Niccole said...

Smartypants loves to do math and science, don't let him fool you, he does get down and monster party.

Stephanie said...

Smartypants loves to beat all his friends and family at trivia games. His sister-in-law, Snootypants, calls him Rainman when he whips her tail at Trivial Pursuit.

Fancypants loves to twirl and dance...not to Tchaikovsky, but to Green Day! Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Holly said...

Fancypants loves busting some fierce Kung-Fu moves at sunset and shopping for designer ballet shoes.

Smartypants loves spending Friday nights at home watching chick flicks and timing himself to see how quickly he can complete the Sunday crossword in the New York Times.

J.J. said...

Fancypants loves to dance like nobody's watchin', sing like a rock star, and shop like there's no tomorrow.

Smartypants loves a good debate, a nice slice of fine cheese, and watching reruns of Jeopardy.

Chrissy said...

Smartypants loves Tony Orlando--his yellow bowtie is paying homage to the yellow ribbon tied 'round the ole oak tree.

Fancypants loves the song by Ween called "Hey there Fancypants". Who wouldn't love an eponymous song?!

Amanda said...

Fancypants loves dancing in puddles

Smartypants loves raindrops on leaves

Melanie said...

Fancypants loves twirling to some funky beats.

Smartypants loves debating environmental issues.