Saturday, July 28, 2007

Picture Pages, Picture Pages..., do you remember Picture Pages with Bill Cosby? That little pen thing was my favorite thing in the world at one point. I am going to have that little jingle in my head all day.

Okay, Blogger is officially chapping my hide. Every time I upload pictures I get html (which might as well be Vulcan or something) and not a view of the actual picture I uploaded. It makes it much more difficult to organize and label everything. I am going to have to open a preview in another window and figure it out that way. Bah.

First things first, here are Mandy's rainbow Jolly Roger longies, which went out in the mail today:

Jess was kind enough to let me borrow her baby again so I could take some shots of the classic monster booty longies:

While I was in Ct I also started a big ole batch of monster bags. I finished the last one this morning. Here they are:

Let me know what you think! And make sure you enter my contest a few posts back to win one of them.

I will have a bunch of other pictures tomorrow as I am hoping to get my Hyena Cart preview up by the end of the day. We'll see if that actually happens. For now I have to go to bed. How on Earth did it get to be 12:27AM anyway? Damn you, Flickr!!!


anniebel said...

Is there anything cuter than a little one in Crankypants? I think not!! The bags are adorable!

tlc22 said...

Haha, just seeing the title of this entry had the entire Picture Pages jingle, word for word, running through my head. And I didn't even know I remembered it! Cute bags, can't wait for the HC preview!

Kayla said...

Awesome job on the bags Amy! Super cute..:)

heatherg said...

I LOVE the bags! My favorite is the I Bite. Well, because I do. I LOVE IT!

Taryn said...

Ethan NEEDS an I Love Cookies bag! Also, my Classic Monster Longies from Mahar arrived this week and I LOVE them!!!


Keitha said...

Those bags are AWESOME! As are the longies.

jesseca said...

These are soooooooo cute. I have personaly seen these bags and I just love them!