Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are You Ready?

I am anxious to see how tonight will go after taking last month off. We are going out the the LEAF grounds for a little shindig tonight, so I probably won't be home all evening to answer questions. I thought that I'd do a little sum up of how this thing works for those who won't get any answers via email after I am gone for the evening.

Here goes:

On the first of each month I open for a limited number of custom orders. It used to take me all day to fill my list, but now you crazies (I say that in the most loving and appreciative way) have started staying up until midnight to try to be first in line. This has turned my monthly customs list into kind of a crazy midnight emailing free for all. I always sell out right at midnight (EST) taking as many orders as I think I can handle in that month and put whoever is left on a waiting list. I have yet to make it to anyone on the waiting list, though. Longies usually run from $68-80 and shorties $48-60, the higher end being XL sizing and custom designs, which obviously take a bit more time. You can use the info@crankypantshome.com email, or some of you have gotten my personal email, which I won't post here, but that works too. They both go to the same place. I am going to try to stay up and send out all of the custom list notices before going to sleep, but I have a designated driver and don't have to wake up in the morning so I'm not promising anything! If you do get a slot, you'll have 3 days to give me your design, measurements ans shipping preference so I can send you an invoice. After that, you have 3 days to pay the invoice to secure your place on the list. After 3 days, your spot will go to someone on the waiting list, unless we have made another arrangement. I know that sounds harsh but I have had trouble in the past with people taking weeks and weeks to come up with a design and people not following through with payment which leads to a wasted spot. Oh, and I don't do ruffles, lol. Nothing against them, they just aren't my thing.

I think that is everything. I am going to go get ready and head out. If any of you experienced Crankypants experts see any newbs asking questions on the boards I'd appreciated if you'd post this link or give them the run down since I won't be able to. Or, I suppose, you can tell them you know nothing in hopes of thinning out the competition. But would you feel good about yourself in the morning?

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