Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August Customs List

After about 90 emails and a hand wringing, swearing about only being able to knit so many pairs a month, here is the August customs list:

Michelle ( and Finn)
Kayla F.
Amanda B.
Jessie L.
Laura C.
Tanya B.

I don't have the energy to send the Wait List email until the morning as I have to c&p about 50 names into it, but I will do it first thing when I wake up (late, lol). I am truly sorry that I can't magically knit enough for everyone. I promise you I am trying to work it out. I can't believe I had to wait list a mama who wrote me poetry! Ugh! That one hurt.

And now it is time for sleep. Lots of work to do tomorrow...

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