Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Tiny Little Smooch of Press...

After pulling weeds in my crazy and out of control lily patch in the backyard for two hours, I just came in and sat down to do some blog reading. I have a whole list that I have bookmarked: my sister-in-law Kirstin, my friend Liz at Cozy Blue, the oft mentioned Jess at Quilt Baby, a bunch of knitting blogs and crafty blogs (I will eventually have a "Blogs I Love" thingie on my sidebar, but I don't even know how) and I always finish up with Robert's blog from Mahar Dry Goods. In a recent post, Robert was talking about a little write up Mahar got in the Danish magazine BoligLiv. The piece goes a little something like this:

"Even the entrance of this American shop is worth a visit - a fine little children's book illustration testifies to the marvelous universe you are about to enter. Most of the items are handmade or limited edition handicrafts created by handpicked designers from all over the world. The majority of product is geared towards children's rooms, even though some of the things can be on display in other places. We especially fell for the knitted monster pants, the sewn fork, knife and spoon set and the crochet foods for the play kitchen. Shipping to Denmark will be calculated when you put your goods in the cart - normally around $ 10."

The knitted monster pants? That's me! That's me! Since they didn't mention Crankypants by name I don't feel like I need to try to navigate the Danish website order form to get myself a copy or anything, but it is still pretty cool no?

Oh, the emphasis is obviously mine in the above quote. I don't think they were that impressed.

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