Saturday, June 16, 2007


This morning Kyle took Henry over to his friend Ava's house to watch the kids while her folks went for a run. They are training for a triathlon, which I think is both mad and impressive. While I had a Saturday morning kid-less I decided to do a little of what we Connecticutians call "tag sale-ing" and everyone else in the country calls "garage sale-ing". I had a few scores, too, which is nice. At tag sale #1 I got a new little linoleum table for the back porch so I can move the desk we were using as a table down into my "office". And a ridiculously tall wooden pepper grinder for Kyle. Neither of which I took pictures of. At tag sale #2 I got this little desk:

And this little rocking chair:

Which after a little tweaking to Crankypants it up now looks like this:

Yay for the little red rocking chair!

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Teneik said...

What great TAG sale finds! ;)