Friday, June 01, 2007

June Customs List

Meet my very best friend this morning:

He is the bizarre squid faced coffee mug that my Daddy got me for Christmas at the LEAF festival last year. And he holds about 16 oz. of coffee. Mmmmmmmm...

Alright mamas, the June Customs List is done. I have sent out both Custom and Wait List emails, so everyone should be up to speed. Those of you who didn't get a spot this month- I am crossing my fingers for some of you to nab the custom slots up in Hyena Cart today. Since I'm not taking any orders on July 1 I took 10 orders this morning-twice as many as planned. But I figured that people wouldn't mind if I bled my June into July a bit.

And from May...

Kristin said she wanted to be surprised, but she liked the idea of a funky monkey. These were knit with the Cascade Eco Plus for heavy wetting. I love them and if I had a baby girl I would have a hard time putting them in the mail. As it is, I don't think I could squish Henry in them even if he was willing to wear anything I make, which he is not. And so they will go out this afternoon.

As I was taking a short break from the computer I decided to water things.

My little green grape tomatoes.

My single green pepper (please pay no mind to the very dead heirloom tomato plant in the background. I managed to kill it almost instantly).

My wonderful basil that smells SO delicious. If the 12 pounds of pollen coating the porch floor didn't cause me to fly into a sneezing and itching fit immediately upon entering said porch, I would spend all day with my nose buried in this basil plant. There is cilantro too, but it doesn't seem to like the full sun as much as the basil and it looks a little... shaky.

Okay. I am off to give Henry some much needed attention before the 10am stocking. Good luck, mamas!

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